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Robert Gagnon
Lawrence, Kansas / Age 39
"I wanted to send you a quick note of gratitude and appreciation for your product. Before discovering All Star Lover I felt helpless. My problem wasn’t so much getting an erection but keeping one. Once I lost my erection I would get pretty nervous and anxiety and doubt would set in, thus preventing me from getting an erection at all. I honestly felt like a huge part of my life was taken from me. And pretty much it was.

I tried a few all-natural supplements but they were more help psychologically than physically. My level of frustration was growing by the day. About 3 months ago I happened to read a blog that was posted online. Someone was saying how much they loved All Star Lover and how it helped them out. After visiting your site I really got a good feeling of trust so I ordered it.

After taking it for 3 days I could really feel my libido and energy start to rise. I honestly thought it was another one of those psychological benefits again. But it never stopped, it never failed and it never weakened. Now after taking your All Star Lover for 3 months I can honestly say I’m a completely new man! The sex is absolutely amazing! It not only cured my problem but the physical feeling of sex is so much more intense. My erections are much longer, thicker and stronger.

It feels amazing to once again have my life back. Amazing that I can enjoy sex without any worries or concerns. I am so confident and content with your product and I’ll be a customer for life! Thank you so much for All Star Lover. It’s definitely a product that lives up to it promises!!!"


Devin Peters / Tempe, Arizona / Age 44
"I don’t know if this question has ever been asked but I’ll ask it anyway. I’m almost finished with my first bottle. I usually take it just before bed on an empty stomach as recommended. During the past two weeks I’ve been woken up 3 or 4 times because my erection was so intense. It sounds funny but in reality I’ve never been happier to get woken up out of a deep sleep before in my life! Just wondering if this is a normal response? I’m thrilled that I found your product and I just ordered a three month supply."
Devin, that is pretty funny, but not at all uncommon. Many men have told us they’ve either been woken up by their intense erections or when they woke up (alarm clock went off), they woke up with a solid erection. Or as ZZ Top would sing "I woke up with wood". The medical term for this is "nocturnal penile erections" and is actually very beneficial. Medical studies have proven it helps to keep the penis working properly by periodically providing blood flow and nutrients while you sleep. Nice "problem" to have, isn’t it?

Jerry O'Neil / Hollywood, Florida / Age 57
"There aren’t many products that come along like this and really impact peoples lives. I can only imagine how many men are in a different place both physically and mentally because of your product.

I know I’m certainly not the only man who believes. My life felt like it was falling apart around me. For people who don’t understand the sufferings of erectile dysfunction they wouldn’t really know how I and millions like me have suffered. I’m still stunned that an all-natural remedy cured my problem!

I owe you a great part of my life. I’m 57 years old and by no means ready to throw in the towel. Not only do I not have to do that but also I feel like a heavy weight champ! This has been an incredible, amazing turn of events in my life and I want to tell the world! How great you must feel to know you’re making a difference in people’s lives! I truly envy you and everyone else there at Blue Planet Nutrition. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Jerry… Thank you for that heart felt letter. When we say we have the best product in the world we truly mean it. We ourselves never knew how great it would feel to bring closure and confidence into people’s lives like we have. It’s truly overwhelming to hear from so many satisfied customers who constantly tell us we’ve changed their lives for the better. To make any positive change in anyone’s life is truly a gift and we are extremely honored to be given the opportunity to do just that. To us you’re more like family than a customer. Please enjoy our product for many years to come. And thank you for all your kind words.
Ken F. / Lynn, Massachusetts / Age 33
"I’m 33 years old and half way through my second month of ASL Perform. I originally purchased it in hopes of controlling my premature ejaculation issues. I never had a problem getting or keeping an erection but I did have a problem controlling the maturity of my ejaculations.

The amazing part about your product is that not only did it delay my ejaculations but it made my penis much more sensitive as well. I have no idea how you managed to accomplish both of these together, but I’m thrilled you did!

I have to say I was surprised that the product could directly improve my sex life as much as it has. Like I told you, I’ve never experienced any erection problems before so I really didn’t think it would make that much of a difference in my performance. My sexual strength has more than doubled and my erections have never been as solid or as vigorous. Great product!!!"


Eli Shalmon, Texas / Age 64

"I was taking Viagra for about two years and it worked pretty well for me. Because I had some health concerns about continued usage of Viagra I started doing some research on natural products.  I first tried Zenrx and then Vigrxplus and had very little success. I went back on Viagra and about two months later at my yearly doctor visit asked him if there were any natural supplements I could take in place of Viagra. My doctor did some research and came upon your website. He called me about two weeks later and asked me to try your formula.  Based on my past experiance with Zenrx and Vigrxplus I never thought in my wildest dreams that All Star Lover would have the effect it does on me. All Star Lover is better than Viagra and healthier overall. It's a different feeling than Viagra but it's overall much better. It was definitely worth the wait and research finding your product. 

Ryan Palmato, Andrews, South Carolina / Age 63

"I truly appreciate all ASL Perform has given me. I've been struggling with my performance in bed for nearly 10 years and your formulas have given me that part of my life back for good. The feeling of sex is greater than I can even remember and I no longer fear sexual encounters. After 10 years my fear has grown to where I didn't even want to engage in sex anymore. Now that I found ASL Perform that's a thing of the past. My erections are effortless now and I completely turned my performance around. I am so grateful and relieved, you have no idea. Thank you so much!"

Harry Nugent, Seattle Washington / Age 38

"All Star Lover has made me a very happy man! I'm so much stronger in every way, not just sexually. In one short month I lost 10 pounds, gained muscle tone and increased my stamina. This really is an all out health product. It's more than just a sexual aid, it's a complete male health aid."

Carmine Ferrise, Virginia / Age 45

"After struggling for 3 or 4 years I finally have my youth back!
My wife and I didn't have sex often at all during that time due in part to my ability to perform and my low libido. I knew I needed to make a change in order to save my marriage and being intimate with my wife is a big part of that. After using your formula for about 2 weeks I really started to feel the power of it. Our life has changed completely and my wife and I are so much happier to have that aspect of our marriage back."

Charlie Dunn, Ohio / Age 46

"No one is more proud to represent your products than I am. It's such a great feeling to finally find a sexual aid that works wonders for me. You have a customer for life. My wife has started taking your Resveratrol Blue and she loves that as well. It seems everything Blue Planet Health puts their name to is the best natural medicine out there. Thanks!"

Paul D. / Clovis, New Mexico / Age 54

"I wanted to give you high cheers on your site! The whole reason I ordered your product was because of the vast informative woven within it.
I am happy to say that  ASL Perform has improved my performance ten fold and gives me amazing sensitivity and pleasure without premature ejaculation. It has also made my erections fuller and much stronger. I truly feel like my penis is a muscle now. That’s a sensation I haven’t felt in over 15 years! I’m surely one happy man!"

Randy W. / Westland, Michigan / Age 32
"Just wanted to give you quick kudos on your product. It’s like the fountain of youth for your penis! It’s done wonders for my size and libido and my fiancée tells me my penis has tremendous heat and energy. She told me it felt electrified! Lol
Thanks so much for a new sexual experience for both my fiancée and myself. We’re still waiting for the female version to come out. My fiancée asked me to tell you to hurry it up! Lol"
Gilbert Tallmadge / Cheektowaga,
New York / Age 51
"This is an awesome product. It’s truly amazing!
My wife and I both love it! Our lovemaking is through the roof and more intense than it has been in years! It’s almost too good to be true!"

Kevin S. / Elizabeth, New Jersey / Age 58
"After being on ASL Perform for Men for 60 days one bottle now lasts me two solid months. I wish everyone was as honest as Blue Planet Health when it came to the products they put out!"

Ralph T. / Auburn, Maine / Age 43 
"This is unbelievable stuff!" Thank you so much for having the guts and determination to not only invent something like this but share it with others. I’m forever grateful and will continue to be a loyal customer forever."

Anthony D. / Sandy, Utah / Age 46
"I can’t tell you how relieved I am to finally have the confidence and enjoyment I’ve been missing for years. Thank you so much for this product. You’ve eliminated a major burden in my life."
Gary K. / Alberta, Canada / Age 61
"I’m turning 61 in July and for the past 8 years have really been struggling with my erectile disorder. I’ve been unable to use Viagra because of my medical history so I’ve had to rely on all natural remedies. Over the past years I’ve tried four other all natural alternatives which really didn’t help at all. I was really starting to become depressed.

I was lucky enough to spot your ad on about three months ago. Through true honesty and sincerity within your ad I decided to give it a fifth try and order your product. Well let me tell you, thank god I did! Your All Star Lover Pack gave me back my life! I can’t explain my overwhelming feelings of joy realizing the truth in your product and knowing that I finally have an answer to my erectile disorder! God bless you all."


Stephen P. / Hamilton, New Jersey / Age 40
"Never mind my 13 year old daughter finding it in our medicine cabinet, how about my 68 year old mother-in-law! She asked me what kind of vitamins they were. Thanks so much for the discreet packaging!"

Mario Swanson / Jefferson City, Missouri / Age 38
"I think the biggest difference is in the strength of my penis. Over the past 2 months my penis has felt like it has grown more into a muscle than just tissue. The base is much stronger and I can feel a major difference when I flex my pelvic bone and when I ejaculate. My ejaculations are at least twice as strong as they were before and my semen volume is about 50% more. My penis has never felt as powerful and has never been as big as it is right now!"