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Nitro Blue


ASL Stack has no reported negative side effects and is made with trustworthy, natural ingredients deemed safe by the US FDA.

Recommended for Men 18 to 100

(90) - 1,050 Milligram Capsules

Sexual Health
Overall Athletic Training
Helps keep Blood Pressure at Normal Levels
Good Heart Health
Good Artery and Vein Health

As nitric oxide levels increase, nitro vasodilation (the widening of blood vessels) occurs and greater blood flow, nutrients, amino acids, and oxygen are delivered throughout the body and into the cells. The nitro vasodilator benefits of nitric oxide on smooth muscle cells have been demonstrated in controlled clinical trials. One such trial evaluated the contribution of nitric oxide to metabolic coronary vasodilation in the human heart. Results showed both a (i) 50% increase in blood flow and (ii) 68% reduction in coronary vascular resistance.1

Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate provides far superior uptake and retention as compared with regular L-Arginine. The unique combination of ingredients in Nitric Blue make it the strongest nitric oxide supplement on the market.

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