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Natural & High Quality

All Star Lover was Built on a Rock Solid Foundation

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Natural Vs. Synthetic - High Quality Vs. High Volume

There are two types of nutritional supplement manufacturers — high-volume vs.

The most common (high-volume) is the “general consumer” or retail manufacturer. Here, the emphasis is on mass production, mass marketing, volume sales and profitability. These manufacturers use inferior, synthetic versions of vitamins,
minerals and other nutrients in combination with high-volume heat producing processes that often result in products with almost no bio-availability whatsoever. (Some of these products actually pass through your entire digestive tract without
breaking-down). However, upon reading a label you could easily make a mistake about the quality of these products. After all, a multi-vitamin is a multi-vitamin, right? Wrong. But, it’s more than just the ingredients. The manufacturing process is
equally important.

Here’s an example:
If you compare the list of ingredients on a box of Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines brownies you’ll find they are almost exactly the same. However, bake one at 500 degrees for two hours and the other at 350 for 40 minutes… you end up with
two very different brownies. You get the idea.

Super– Premium Supplements
There are only a few high-quality manufacturers. The increasing costs of quality, all natural ingredients, potent complex formulations and strict manufacturing protocols make these products nearly cost-prohibitive. Fortunately, most fitness
professionals understand the differences and are willing to pay the higher costs associated with higher quality products. Hence the term “super-premium” is not just marketing hype. It’s an accurate description of what you can expect in terms of quality and cost.

The commitment continues
Our very own trained staff researches and develops every one of our formulas, right here at Blue Planet. Our trained staff includes, pharmacists, physicians and nutritional experts. “Certificates of Analysis” are required from all suppliers. Raw materials are retested at the company’s laboratories. Actual manufacturing processes are performed at several facilities in California and Texas (all with State Pharmaceutical Licenses) that manufacture under GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) and our own strict guidelines and manufacturing process protocols.

All Natural Ingredients

First and foremost, every one of our optimal nutrition formulas are all natural.

This is important. There is substantial scientific evidence that vitamins derived from natural sources are more readily absorbed and assimilated by the human body — whereas vitamins derived from inorganic chemicals are usually combined with undesirable substances such as sugar, inorganic binders, preservatives and coal tars.

Second, each formula consists of “source-specific” raw ingredients from around the world.

For example, Korean ginseng root is quite different than Siberian or Chinese ginseng. Again, the level of detail in the development of these formulations is significant.

Finally, each product requires its own set of manufacturing protocols including precision measurements, exacting temperature-controlled manufacturing processes and constant testing and analysis.

Of note:
• All products are manufactured in temperature-controlled environments to ensure efficacy and bioavailability of natural ingredients.

• All tablets use natural ingredients instead of varnishes or other harsh chemicals that serve as binding agents to hold it together or to make the product smell more acceptable.

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