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Medical Professionals
Dr. Thomas Jutras

“I ordered a dozen stacks back in May of 2009 to distribute to my patients who were not able to take prescription drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. All Star Lover has been so successful in these patients that I placed an order for 5 dozen more to keep in my office.

In my professional opinion All Star Lover is a solid all natural alternative to prescription drugs.”

   Dr. Mathew Slader

"The science behind All Star Lover mirrors that of prescription drugs such as Viagra and Cialis.

 All Star Lover supplies the amino acid L-Arginine (along with eleven other vital nutrients), to properly ensure the creation of nitric oxide synthesis and PDE-5 inhibitors within the human body.

"All Star Lover boosts nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels, the same basic effect that Viagra has, to treat erectile dysfunction and maybe even prevent it."

Dr. Jeffery Laclair

Dr. Louis Ignarro

Dr. Andrew Myers 

Customers Love All Star Lover!

Importance of Testosterone and Hormones

Dr. Kenneth Dreher, Urologist

"Most ED cases are a result of one or more of the following:
Low nitric oxide synthesis
A reduced level of the male hormone testosterone
An imbalance of sexual hormones, which are derived from DHEA

All Star Lover Perform naturally supplies all three."

   Dr. Samuel Vitale, Heart Surgeon

“All Star Lover Perform supports the primary functions within erectile tissue.  All Star Lover translates sexual excitement into potency by causing erections.  These necessary nutrients dilate the blood vessels throughout the critical areas of the penis, blood rushes in and the penis rises to the occasion.”

   Elizabeth Perry, M.D.

“80% of sexual dysfunction in men is directly attributable to some form of nitric oxide failure brought on by smoking, prescription drugs, diabetes, high blood pressure, high LDL, cholesterol and obesity. Ironically, these are the same risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

ASL Perform is the only all natural supplement that combats the problem of nitric oxide deficiency and remedies the main factors of sexual dysfunction.”

   Jacob Picard, Pharmacist Manager

“As a Pharmacists for more than 26 years I can confidently make claim to the benefits of supplementing with the ingredients found in All Star Lover Perform for Men.

Alleviates male impotence (by stimulating the production of nitric oxide, the endogenous chemical that stimulates erections in males)

Alleviates male infertility by improving sperm count and sperm motility (due to its involvement in the manufacture of endogenous spermidine)

Enhances male sexual desire (libido)

Enhances sexual performance – due to its role in the production of vital nutritional processes within the penile tissue associated with hormonal balance and integrity”