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Libido and Intensity

Increase Libido, Energy and Intensity:

This may be the single most misunderstood subject in the entire world of erectile dysfunction?

Most men who experience problems obtaining or sustaining an erection usually blame their low libido for the problem. Like for instance if they were more "turned on" their erections would be stronger. The fact is, more so than not, it works the other way around.

When your body is functioning properly and getting the correct level of nutrients, it naturally triggers higher energy and a healthier libido.

To be perfectly honest the success of the first three stages above will increase your libido, energy, stamina and intensity alone. But of course like every other stage, our ASL goes well beyond the "norm".

We’ve included the most powerful nutritional support to energize and rejuvenate. Our blend of ingredients help to minimize the negative effects of stress, enhances immunity & helps build deep vitality. All while promoting sexual and reproductive balance.

RESULTS: The energy and stamina to make you feel like a warrior! We think we can leave this one to the imagination?