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Helpful Sex Hints

All Star Lover

Formulated at the highest possible concentration per ingredient.

NO Dangerous or Serious Side Effects

#1 Doctor Recommended All-Natural Formula

Performance Anxiety = Adrenaline (The Erection Killer)

We formulated All Star Lover (ASL) as a confidence builder through physical assurance.  What that means is that ASL makes you a better lover all around by both supplying the nutrients you need to perform physically, while it calms your mind and reduces anxiety and adrenaline rushes emotionally.  Your body and mind become more responsive, more focused and more attentive.  The chemical make-up; the science behind ASL works to improve your sexual abilities while it reduces your performance inabilities.  

Why ASL was formulated this way:

Fears of sexual performance are likely to put a damper on sexual arousal and cause loss of erection. Eventually the fears may become so pervasive that they will become a self-fulfilling prophecy and the man will experience an actual inability to get or keep an erection. Over the long run, performance fears may lead to an avoidance of sex, loss of self-esteem.

Fears of sexual performance are not limited to men or to worries about physical responsiveness such as the speed with which vaginal lubrication or an erection is attained, or the length of time that it is maintained. Fears can also reflect anxiety about one's sexual response on a broader level, such as how much passion, tenderness, intimacy and sensitivity a person feels toward his or her partner.

Performance anxiety kills erections both by taking your mind off the psychological aspects of sex and by producing adrenaline, which is a certain erection killer. Keep in mind that adrenaline is a very powerful anti-erection agent.  Adrenaline is released due to fear, stress, and anxiety.  At the same time those same emotions take your focus off of the sexually stimulating psychological aspects that help cause an erection.

ASL supplies the nutrients you need to perform physically, while it calms your mind and reduces anxiety and adrenaline rushes emotionally.

How to Relax During Sex

The anticipation sex brings can cause anxiety and stress and in some instances can lower your ability to perform as desired. Worries about how you may be doing or how it feels to your partner increases tension and robs you of the opportunity to simply enjoy the moment. Sexual relaxation techniques can help to release the tension before and during sexual experiences, allowing you to have a more pleasurable time.
Resist the urge to tense up. Avoid flexing your muscles when having sex if it is not necessary, as this can have the same effect on your psyche. Contracting your muscles will cause spikes in chemicals that your brain releases when exercising, which are associated with physical strain rather than relaxation. Keeping your body as physically relaxed and comfortable will help to avoid associating sex with strain subconsciously.
Forget about your day. It is hard to fully enjoy a sexual experience if you are worried about what you are cooking for dinner, an exam you have for school, or work you have to do for the next day. Clearing your mind of the normal cognitive jabber that clouds perspective can help you take a load off when between the sheets. Focus on the moment at hand without over-analyzing it to the onset of personal stress.

Put some slow music on. Music is said to calm the savage beast, and in this instance playing some tunes during sex can help you to relax. Some slow music will help to set the tone and mood for a relaxed sexual atmosphere.

Request a sensual massage. Grab a bottle of lotion or massaging oil before you have sex and have your partner give you a calming message. Massages will help to relax you and can also double as a good way to incorporate some foreplay before intercourse.

It is important to keep the lines of communication open when having sex. Tell your partner what is comfortable for you to help you stay relaxed. This is especially relevant with new sexual partners. Let your partner know how you feel in an acceptable manner so he or she can help you relax.

Choose sexual positions that are comfortable for both you and your partner so that strain does not occur during intercourse. Ensuring you are using a comfortable position and having enough lubricant during intercourse can help relax both participants and prevent injury.

To make sex last longer, relax your PC muscle.

The PC muscle is shown as a thick black curved band in the diagram below:

The easiest way to locate your PC muscle is to stop the flow of urine while you're peeing. The muscles you use to do that are part of the PC muscle group.

By relaxing your PC muscle, pressure is taken off the prostate, orgasm is delayed, and premature ejaculation is cured. The aim of longer sex is to stay away from orgasm.

This helps to keep sex going for as long as both you and your partner desire, and improves the chances of your partner having an orgasm during sex.

You can practice this with your partner although you will learn much quicker on your own first, while masturbating. Learn what it feels like to focus on relaxing the muscle.

Why PC muscle relaxation works:

The technique works because the PC muscle sits right beside the prostate (see the diagram above). The prostate plays a central role in orgasm and ejaculation. When the PC muscle is tensed, it puts pressure on the prostate and brings orgasm quicker. Relaxing your PC muscle reduces pressure on the prostate and helps avoid premature ejaculation. It also reduces pressure on the surrounding organs, the seminal vesicles and the ejaculatory duct, both of which play a central role in orgasm and ejaculation.

Traditionally, sex lasts only a few minutes before the man orgasms. As soon as penetration begins, the man tenses his PC muscle (usually without noticing) because it feels good. Moments later it's all over.

That's not to say you can't orgasm during sex! After having sex for longer you can of course have an orgasm. The longer you leave it, the more satisfying the orgasm will be for you.
The opposite problem: if you go soft:

Sometimes if you concentrate too much on staying away from orgasm, you may get the opposite problem: you start to lose your erection.

This is easy enough to fix: tense your PC muscle (the opposite of what you've been told above). This increases pressure on your prostate, increases pleasure. When you feel your erection is back, you can then go back to relaxing your PC muscle. You have to get the balance right between staying hard and staying away from orgasm, but with some practice this becomes very natural.