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Confident Erections

Obtain a Confident Erection with Amazing Sensitivity & Responsiveness

Nerve signaling is essential to the entire erection process and nothing is a better reactant than All Star Lover (ASL). The ingredients in ASL helps to transmit messages between nerve cells, making them highly active and responsive.

The process of an erection is a cascade of events. It begins when erotic thoughts or physical sensations produce nitric oxide release in nerve endings in the penis. Nitric oxide is a relaxant that allows blood vessels to open up or dilate, bringing increased blood flow and swelling of tissues. The flow of blood also creates a minor stress on the blood vessel wall, which activates the release of more nitric oxide. This time it is from cells in the wall of the blood vessel – the endothelial cells – rather than from nerves. Endothelial nitric oxide causes more tissue to relax and the process repeats until the penis is fully erect.

More specifically, nitric oxide binds to an enzyme known as guanylyl cyclase which catalyzes the conversion of Guanosine Triphosphate (GTP) to cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP). It is the cGMP that signals the smooth muscle to relax. The net result of this reaction allows more nutrient-rich blood to travel through the artery thereby causing the effect commonly known as the "pump".

Prescription drugs Viagra®, Cialis® and Levitra® all work by increasing the body's sensitivity to the natural rise in nitric oxide that occurs with sexual stimulation. The major reason these prescription drugs fail is due to the fact that most men do not produce enough nitric oxide on their own to achieve a proper erection. Amazingly, ASL does both! It’s the only men’s formula that not only enhances nitric oxide synthesizes but provides the nutrients that increases nitric oxide production (NO) levels as well! These enhancements create dynamic surges of blood inside the penis. These surges force the penis to expand to its maximum capacity, thereby creating a larger, fuller, more confident erection.

When Supplementing with All Star Lover (ASL):

Men experience proper testosterone, DHEA and hormone levels, which are vital to the erection process. These levels dramatically decline with age. ASL replenishes and encourages this growth.

RESULTS:  A thicker erection (from maximum blood flow) and responsive, confident performance like nothing you’ve experienced before. Most men relate the feeling to an intense biceps or muscle workout. While taking ASL their erections feel highly pumped, engorged, energetic and much more sensitive and responsive to the touch.