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"TOP 6" blends are all complete formulas / no customizing / ships next business day!

ASL has formulated over 3,500 unique formulas for 120,000+ satisfied men.  Of those many different formulas, we chose 6 blends that are our most successful within each respective age group.

Minimum 94% SUCCESS RATING for ALL 6 Formulas

Choose from our SIX all time top performers (ready to ship today)
or we can design one uniquely for you (ships in 2 to 3 days)

You can also MIX and MATCH any of our "TOP 6" formulas (with multiple bottle orders)


Ages 18 to 25

Restores and replenishes vital nutrients before and during sex.  ASL ONE is powerful, yet gentle on testosterone and hormone levels, which are generally not needed at a younger age.

ASL ONE makes it much easier to achieve multiple erections and multiple orgasms within minutes of each other

   Helps replenish sperm - quickly,  improves arousal and libido,  supplies a BURST of Nitric Oxide to help "pump  up" your manhood,  provides ENERGY!  Sexual and overall.

It provides the chemistry needed to perform like an all-star, while it leaves out the stuff younger men typically aren't lacking


Ages 22 to 29

Same as ASL ONE


This is the stage in a mans life when he's typically engaged in more sexual activity.  With that activity comes responsibilities, work and home life.  ASL TWO puts the "spark" back in your libido and makes your performance stronger & more enjoyable

ASL TWO supplies immediate nitric oxide absorption properties and a richer energy blend than ASL ONE.  ASL TWO also increase testosterone and hormone levels at a greater rate than ASL ONE.


Ages 28 to 39

This is the stage where let's say "things start to change".  Your testosterone and hormone levels are no longer where they used to be.  For the first time since puberty, many changes are occurring within a mans body.

You typically start to experience:

Decrease in sexual desire
  Less fluid (sperm) during ejaculation
Erections take longer to occur
Erections may not be as hard
Erections may not be consistent
Ejaculation force starts to decrease

ASL THREE Alleviates all of the above as it helps to increase testosterone and balance sexual hormone levels at a higher rate

Can't decide on just one?  Place an order for 2 or more and you can MIX and MATCH any!
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"TOP 6" blends are all complete formulas / no customizing / ships next business day!

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Ages 35 to 49

At this stage in your life your body has been through a lot.  You can plainly see your physical make-up isn't what it once was.  You feel your sexual peek is far behind you.  You're starting to lose muscle tone, gain excess fat and feel sluggish and run down.  To put it into words, "you're starting to feel your age".

ASL FOUR works to RESTORE your youth!  It provides the proper nutrients to get you back in the game.  Go BEYOND a normal "fix" and rebuild what you once bragged about...  You youth!!

ASL FOUR contains D-Aspartic Acid to support testosterone and LH levels. 


Ages 45 to 60

You're testosterone is holding on for dear life and you need to feel young again!

Many men in this "range" no longer have the desire for sex.  Their libido is all but dead and they've come to realize the reality of getting old....

Well... Hold on to that thought.  These men haven't tried our ASL FIVE!

We call this formula a "life changer" because it brings you from the deep end of the pool and puts you on the slide... Where it's FUN AGAIN! 

ASL FIVE is serious!  It packs 5,000 milligrams of the best, most potent life changing stuff on earth...  And it's ready to kick your ass!

ASL FIVE not only puts you back in the game, it makes you a star!


Ages 60 to The Grave

Just because you're over 60 doesn't mean your sexual prowess is behind you.  We've helped more men in their 60's and 70's become better lovers than they were in their 20's.  You're experienced and confident in your "style".  All you need now is ASL SIX to be just as confident with your performance!  That's a crazy combination.  Experiance, patience and confidence in both your style and performance.  You can achieve all of that with ASL SIX.

These are your golden years and life is good.  Now you can carry that all the way to the bedroom with ASL SIX.

Our strongest testosterone and hormonal blend, mature blend of nitric oxide synthases,



If you prefer a Custom Order just make a purchase above and write in "Custom Order" in the "Comments" section of your PayPal order.  We will contact you within 24 hours (usually much quicker than that) to start the process.
The entire process should take no more than 2 to 3 business days.

NOTE  :  Due to the uniqueness and time and labor involved, there is a minimum order of THREE MONTHS SUPPLY for all Custom Orders.

All questions regarding Custom Orders can be sent to: