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ASL Custom Questions


Within 24 hours of your order (typically MUCH sooner) you will receive this survey in THREE FORMS (Email TEXT, Excel and Word).  Simply fill out ONE and email it back.



Please fill out this survey to the best of your knowledge.  This will help us to better understand your current sexual health as well as your goals.



All answers are kept in the utmost privacy and NOT shared with ANY individuals, business or associate… 100% Secure!!!





Tell us your GOAL(S)?


Please rate the following by degree of importance to you in obtaining your ultimate goals


Very high/strong                      5

High/strong                             4

Average importance                3

Quite low/weak                      2

Very low/weak                       1



For a boost in my sexual performance 


To have multiple erections per night


To increase my sexual desire


For stronger, fuller erections


To achieve more intense orgasms


To increase my semen volume


To have more energetic erections and overall energy


To have more sensitive erections


Gain control over my erections and enjoy sex again


Relax to lessen adrenalin rushes and anxiety


To ejaculate more quickly


To ejaculate LESS quickly


Increase testosterone levels


Balance sexual hormone levels


To increase the SIZE of my penis / erection


To improve my overall health


To build muscle tone and lose fat


To fight aging and look younger


For more overall energy throughout the day




During the past 12 months or so, which formulas or individual herbs, minerals or vitamins (IF ANY) have made a positive impact in improving your sexual desire and/or performance?


Which formulas or individual herbs, minerals or vitamins (IF ANY) have made a NEGATIVE impact on your sexual desire and/or performance?



Which Vitamins, minerals or herbs would you like to be included in your custom made formula?





Please feel free to provide us any additional information you may find helpful to us.  This section is OPTIONAL and all answers are kept in the strictest privacy.  You may want to write about your loss of sexual desire, avoidance of sexual activity with your partner because you fear your ability to perform, your stress levels during intercourse, your thoughts on sex or sexuality… Anything that affects your current sexual performance… Either mind or body.  There's nothing we haven't already heard and no personal issue we haven't dealt with.  If you think it's helpful or useful to us in determining your ultimate custom made formula then please feel free to share it with us so we can better understand your unique circumstance and/or situation.



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