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ABOUT US - Triumph Inc

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Triumph is a custom formula lab that has been making unique, individual custom formulas since 1986.

We work with Doctors and Medical Professionals all over the world and are dedicated to their customers and ours.

Triumph is dedicated to making ELITE all-natural formulas...  The best in the entire world!

Our Team:
No one beats Team Triumph. Each member of our team is hand chosen by the President and founder of Triumph Custom Formulas himself.

Our staff takes tremendous pride and we stand by each and every supplement that goes out our door and into your home.

Our goal is just one; to be the best in the world. And no team is better established to conquer that goal than Team Triumph! 

Our Mission:

Formulate every one of our products with the utmost integrity and with the right intentions… 

To produce the best products in the world!

Be true to your customers, your products and yourself…  Success will follow.

Our Promise:

To do our best each and everyday to exceed our customers expectations by delivering the best products possible at the fairest price.

All products available from TCF, Inc meet or exceed nutraceutical and food grade requirements and specifications. 

All of the products offered are warehoused in our climate controlled facility. Each formula is designed, mixed and manufactored in our own custom lab in the USA. All of our ingredients are designated Food Grade, and are intended for human consumption.

Triumph Custom Formulas, Inc.


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