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All Star Lover - The Doctors Choice

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ELITE  Formulas - 100% Natural

Every Man Can Benefit from
All Star Lover (ASL)

All Star Lover (ASL) boosts erections in the full spectrum of men, from the completely healthy to those suffering from advanced cardiovascular disease.

In men without erectile problems, for example, ASL strengthens, intensifies, enlarges and prolongs multiple erections.

In those with occasional failure, ASL eliminates these deficiencies and vastly improves sexual function, confidence and performance.  Performance anxiety is defeated; Pleasure and enjoyment is restored once again.

In men with more serious so-called vascular impotence due to advanced atheroscerosis, hypertension, or diabetes, supplemental ASL reverses the damage and rejuvenates penile function.

Unlike Viagra, which may take up to an hour before it enters your system, ASL resides in your tissue, muscles and blood steam, available 24-hours per day.

Rock Hard, Multiple Erections & MORE

~ Fuller, Rock Hard, Sensitive Erections

~ No more concentrating or worrying about getting or keeping your erections

~ Eliminate Anxiety and Adrenaline Rushes
(Biggest Erection Killer)

~ Increase Testosterone Levels (Low-T)
& Regulate Estrogen

~ Raise and Synthesize Nitric Oxide
(Similar to Viagra and Cialis)

~ Increase Erection Ability and Responsiveness

~ Increase Sexual Drive & Desire
...  Stamina & Energy

~ Incredible Sexual Confidence

~ Balance Sexual Hormone Levels

~ Increase Semen Volume, Stronger, Larger Orgasms,

More Intense Pleasure

~ Gain Control Over your Erections and Enjoy Sex Again

~ Build Muscle, Burn Fat & Fight Aging

~ Total Satisfaction for Both You and your partner

Elite, Pharmaceutical Grade Formulas  -  100% Natural

120,000 satisfied customers and counting...

ELITE Sexual Performance / Libido Enhancer
In men without erectile problems
ASL strengthens, intensifies, enlarges and
prolongs multiple erections.

 Achieve thicker, rock hard erections and be able
to rise multiple times within minutes of orgasm.

In men with occasional failure
ASL eliminates these deficiencies and vastly
improves sexual function, confidence
and performance.

Performance anxiety is defeated; Pleasure and
enjoyment is restored once again.

In men with more frequent failure & advanced conditions,
due to vascular impotence, ED, advanced
atheroscerosis, hypertension, or diabetes.

ASL helps to reverse the damage and
rejuvenates penile function.

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Aggressive cutting edge formula designed to
promote and support all things male within you.

Best all around Men’s Testosterone product
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ALL Triumph Formulas are 100% NATURAL, SAFE and of the HIGHEST USA Standards
Triumph - In Business Since 1986
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Take the ASL Rx TEST!

BETTER than Viagra & Cialis, or your money back!  It's that simple!

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Testimonial – Click Photo

How  &  Why  is  All Star Lover  #1?

Dedication, Transparency &
Having the Right Intentions

Most formulas have a success rate between 2% to 25%. 
ASL's Success Rate is 94%...  Here's Why....

Do their formulas supply, enhance or encourage Nitric Oxide Production within the body... Like Viagra and Cialis?
Most formulas supply you with low doses of some form of L-Arginine (nitric oxide mix) per serving with no other nitric oxide support included.  In order to utilize arginine or any other nitric oxide precursor, you must include ingredients to help "force it out" or "activate" it.  Just supplying arginine alone will have little desired affect on blood flow.

ASL supplies plenty of nitric oxide support, including the most effective form of sexual extracts for blood flow... Agmatine Sulfate, L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate AAKG and Red Korean Ginseng 20:1 and more.  But just supplying nitric oxide isn't enough.  You need the proper ingredients to make them useful and utilize their "magic" within your body.   These added ingredients such as Pycnogenol, Beet Root, Selenium and Pomegranate encourage, support and synthesize this wonder of science, just like Viagra(R) and Cialis(R).

Do their formulas produce and SUPPORT testosterone which is vital to overall sexual health? 
To properly build testosterone levels you need HIGH QUALITY ingredients.  A rich mixture of vitamins, minerals and herbs are essential to the development.  Most formulas offer only 50mg to 200mg per day of ONE ingredient (such as Tribulus 20% to 40%).  ASL Perform is loaded with D-Aspartic Acid, the newest, most successful testosterone builder on the planet.  D-AA has a role in the regulation of the release and synthesis of LH and testosterone and it works wonders.  Along with D-AA our ASL formula utilizes pharmaceutical grade Tribulus (90%), Longjack Eurycoma 200:1, Mucuna 100:1 & much more, for optimal testosterone levels. 

  Our ASL Formula also keeps estrogen levels at a normal MALE rate, by utilizing DIM and Fenugreek in our blend.  Estrogen levels in men will naturally increase as testosterone increases, so keeping estrogen at normal MALE levels is key to building OVERALL sexual health.  99% of formulas do NOT do this.  There's no sense raising testosterone if estrogen
rises along with it.

Do their formulas supply essential hormone support?
ASL Formulas utilize key ingredients such as DHEA, Fenugreek and DIM, to regulate hormonal support, which is vital to the overall sexual health of both men and women. 

Does their formula stimulate sex hormones in the brain?
Included in ASL is an extract called Mucuna pruriens. Mucuna contains several alkaloids, but the main constituent responsible for this effect is L-Dopa. L-Dopa is a direct precursor for dopamine, which regulates the sex hormones control center in the brain. L-DOPA converts into dopamine, an important brain chemical involved in mood, sexuality, and movement. ASL supplies just enough L-Dopa to make your sex drive soar!

On top of that, Mucuna also reduces prolactin. Prolactin is a hormone that is released after orgasm, resulting in loss of erection and a reduction of sexual appetite. Many men suffer from irregular levels of prolactin, which would result in a reduction of sexual appetite all day, every day. ASL takes care of this problem as well…  365 days a year.

What is the foundation of their formula?

ASL is built on the same Nitric Oxide foundation as Viagra and Cialis, with many added features. ASL supplies (THE PROPER LEVELS) of nitric oxide, testosterone, and hormone assistance, as it synthesizes nitric oxide production. All of these amazing ingredients within ASL work to compliment and support one another for maximum effectiveness.

   How much are you actually getting with their pills?
Most give you no more than 500mg to 1,200mg per serving. ASL supplies 6,000 milligrams per serving and our ingredients are the purest and most effective in the industry! Not because we think it's a good marketing idea...  But because that's what's NEEDED...  That's what WORKS...  94% of the time (highest re-order rate in the industry... By FAR!)

   How are their pills formulated?
Not all ingredients are created equal.  Their formulation process sets them apart.  For instance, longjack root is included in many formulas by various companies.  But not all Longjack is created equal.  Most are 1:1 mixtures, which are very ineffective.  ASL also includes Longjack in our formulas...  But at a 200:1 formulation strength.  Which means just 10 milligrams of our Longjack is equivalent to 2,000 milligrams of theirs (10mgs X 200 = 2,000).  Being 200 times more effective is a big deal, wouldn't you agree? 

But the vast differences in our extracts don't stop there. How about Mucuna at 100:1, or Tribulus at 90%? The list goes on and on. We formulate each ingredient to be the most effective on the market. 
Each tablet is formulated at the highest concentration per ingredient.

   HOW does it work to increase blood flow
   and keep it there?
No other formula creates such dramatic surges of blood than ASL. As a matter of fact, we go over and beyond what's needed to insure our industry leading 94% success rate... While still being 100% side effect FREE!  By increasing both testosterone and nitric oxide synthases, your body can't help but dramatically increase blood flow to all parts of your body.

More ACTIVE ingredients AND a lower price?!? How does ASL do it?
Most people ask us how it’s done? How do we pack so much in our formula yet sell them for the same or less than our competition? The answer is 94%! That’s the percentage of satisfied customers who repurchase ASL. This in turn drastically lowers our advertising and marketing expense Vs our competition. While others need to inflate their advertising budgets trying to repopulate their customer base, we keep ours every month. Once we find you, we’ve found a customer for life.

All Triumph formulas are measured, mixed, formulated
and manufactured in our custom lab in the USA!

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